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Vietnam in the most lovely season

We have caught each color and surface of the season in Vietnam, just to impart here to you.

Ha Giang

In northern Ha Giang area, blooms are in full bloom in mid-October. In the event that you appreciate the sight of blooms clearing crosswise over mountainsides and a reviving breath of cool air, Ha Giang is the perfect end of the line.

Motorbikes are the mode chosen by many tourists travelling from Hanoi to Ha Giang, just so they can take in the striking abstract designs of the terraced fields of Sung La Valley and Dong Van Stone Plateau.


Trains, cars or motorbikes will all get you from Hanoi to Sapa town. Plan on spending two to three days enjoying your holiday.

In Sapa, a must see are the Ham Rong, O Quy Ho Pass, Muong Hoa Valley and Sapa markets.

Da Lat

Many tourists say flowers speak louder than words. Da Lat city speaks loudest in winter when flowers are deliciously fragrant and in full bloom.

Winter is commonly referred to as rainy season here. If you travel by motorbike, you will most certainly have chance to experience a cool and foggy morning in Da Lat city.

Apart from famous tourist spots including Thung lung Tinh Yeu (Valley of Love), Dinh Bao Dai (Bao Dai King’s Palace) and Truc Lam Temple, tourists will not help missing the night market.

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc tourism season transpires from late September to March when the island enters sunny season.

Phu Quoc is loaded with hot spots slightly off the beaten path including Ham Ninh fishing village, Sao beach, Khem beach, Tranh River, Da Ban River, fish sauce factory and Phu Quoc prison.

The blue coral diving and night squid fishing add a spectacular flair to any holiday, creating many a fond memory for tourists.

October is the peak tourism season in Phu Quoc. Be sure to book a room in advance.

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UK travelers to Vietnam as an ideal destination for winter soles

British tourists choose Vietnam is one of the ideal destination to escape the freezing winter ahead.

The information above is based on the number of reports of cash transactions VND from tourism website called Post Office Travel Money UK. Accordingly, Vietnam is an attractive destination for British tourists traveling in winter this year, second only to Brazil.
According to Post Office Travel Money, last summer, sales have increased by one third VND and increased to 4 times in the last 3 years. The tour with affordable cost is a factor in the UK attract tourists to Vietnam in winter 2014.

No. 1 ranked Brazil, the country has hosted the World Cup 2014 fever Through this beautiful game, trading volumes Brazilian Real increased 215% over the same period last year.

After Vietnam, the choice of British tourists will be countries in the Caribbean region over the summer when the country's currency region fell sharply against the pound. This will help the UK to be open arms objectives over the holidays in the Caribbean.

Also reported by Post Office Travel Money, New York City, USA, will be one of the top choices in the time before Christmas shopping for tourists in many countries, including the UK, by the program attractive promotions.

Meanwhile, Budapest, with a geographic location located near England, is said to be the ideal destination for British tourists who want short breather.

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What you need to bring when travel to Vietnam

A great trip depends on many factors. Perfect destinations with special things and good quality of service will make your trip become amazing. But if you want your trip to become perfect, carefully prepare anything required. Here is a check list of things you should bring when you leave your home and head to Vietnam.

A. 3 months before you go.
1. Check your passport to ensure that it is valid with at least 6 months prior to the date you will arrive in Vietnam.
2. Check you are in good health for travel, there is no requirement on health when travelling in Vietnam.
3. Follow and search all Vietnam Travel information including visa requirement, destinations, food, hotel, etc. on Facebook, Twitter or websites like

B. 1 month before you go.
1. Prepare necessary travel insurance, book Vietnam visa on arrival. There are several companies providing Vietnam visa service with good quality such as Eviva Tour.
2. Scan all your important documents and identification and email it to yourself and a friend at home.
3. Begin learning a few Vietnamese greetings.
3 basic words: “Hello” – “Xin chao”; “Good bye” – “Tam biet”; “Thank you” – “Cam on” .
4. Start practicing using chopsticks.
5. Have your phone unlocked if you are planning to use your phone in Vietnam especially if you use Iphone, Android phones.

C. 1 week before you go.
1. Get a few passport pictures for your Vietnam visa and or you also plan to travel Lao, Cambodia.
2. Collect and record any important, emergency phone numbers .
3. Bring your lightweight, quick-dry clothing on summer, your warmer comfy clothes on winter months, as well as your sun hat, swimsuit.
4. Bring flashlight, alarm clock, sunglasses, insect repellent.
5. Prepare any medications, toiletries.
6. Change money in US dollars (crisp $100 bills is best) .
7. Prepare your raincoat.
8. Prepare footwear: sandals, hiking shoes, walking shoes, etc. .
9. Double check your camera and photography equipment.

D. 1 day before you go.
1. Reconfirm your flight.
2. Try to get some sleep,because the excitement is building and you will have a long flight.
3. Say your farewells.
4. Zip up that suitcase and head to Vietnam.

Good luck!
Source: Vietnam Embassy

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Getting visa to Vietnam is easier than other countries

If you have already applied visa to many other countries, you will agree that applying a Vietnam visa is really simple. To all the tourists that want to visit Vietnam, we have just listed below 5 reasons to explain why it is easier:

1. Quick: If you have a sudden plan for business purposes or for some other reason, and you don't have visa in hand. You will be very difficult to enter other countries but Vietnam because you are able to get a visa to Vietnam in just 2-4 hours. Just visit and apply visa online.

2. Simple: All the information you need to provide for a visa application is: your name, your date of birth, arrival date and passport number. Of course your passport must be available and you don't need anying else: need to send off your passport, you will not need an income report or any paper.

3. Hassle-free: For some countries, you are required to provide the Immigration officers with a return ticket proof, detailed travel plan or place you will stay while travelling. For Vietnam visa, you will not need to provide such things either.

4. Peace of mind: Vietnam welcomes all travelers to the country. Unless you go against the laws or the policy, your visa will be approved.

5. Cheap: Getting a Vietnamese visa is relatively cheap in comparison to any other countries. The fee is ranging from just 10 – 40 USD.

We do believe that the simple visa process also plays a great part in attracting tourists to a country, and Vietnam has been doing a good job of it. Let's apply a Vietnam visa and visit our country right now


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